Planning the perfect event takes a special talent. If you’re striving to plan a flawless event, hire a planner to manage every single detail so you can show up and enjoy every moment with your guests.  A full-service event production company will take your vision and create a fabulous event while you take all the credit. 

So let’s discuss some of the best reasons to hire an event planner for your next event.

  1. One of the best reasons to hire an event planner is because they will save you money. They’ve built relationships with merchants, vendors, hotels, and other companies needed to help you execute a flawless event. They can sometimes get special services done because of these relationships. 
  2. Reduces the amount of stress you will experience while planning your event. Although there are many decisions to be made when planning your event, once you’ve hired your event planner, her job is to execute your vision. 
  3. They will save you time. They’ve done this many times before, it’s not their first rodeo and they have a tried and tested project plan for executing your event. They will even have contingencies if something unforeseen occurs, as they are accustomed to these types of scenarios. 
  4. They are very creative. Like other types of designers, event planners are very creative. They have to have a good eye for layout, color, flow and have great attention to detail. They can transform a room with lighting, flowers, candles, greenery, material, and so many other innovative pieces. You benefit from this creativity when you hire them. 

So now that you know some of the reasons to hire an event planner here is an abbreviated list of some of the services you will likely receive when you hire one.

Full-service companies take care of the following:

  • create your invites
  • oversee the vendors
  • negotiate pricing
  • develop and maintain your budget
  • secure media support
  • manage parking
  • oversee the installation of all elements for the event
  • create the “Wow”

Event planners ensure your guests have an exceptional time from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they drive off and likely make sure all clean-up and payments are taken care of for all your vendors.

Our phenomenal planners at Perfect Touch Promotions have the knowledge, expertise, work ethic, and sincere passion to make sure your experience is nothing short of amazing. 

With over 150 years of combined experience, we have the unique ability to manage every detail from start to finish.

Contact us today and see how we can assist you.