Planning a corporate conference or meeting requires experience and detailed planning. 

1. Geography – Consider an area that typically has great weather historically. Make sure you select an area that is easy to fly into for the majority of your attendees. Check the Citywide calendar and see what else is happening in the City before you confirm your date.

2.  Location – Consider other large events scheduled in that location to ensure it doesn’t interfere with your group. Will the City that you’ve selected accommodate your guests with a variety of activities?  Guests like to do things outside of business.  So if you haven’t planned fun activities outside of your conference, make sure there are plenty of things to do.

3.  Venue – After selecting the City, consider the best option for your venue. If you are planning a multi-day event, consider the convention center and convention hotels.  Consider being in the heart of the City where restaurants are within walking distance.  Make sure the venue doesn’t charge an absorbent amount for outside audio, visual & lighting in case you’ve secured a full-service event management production company because they usually have their own equipment that will save you money.

4.  Travel – Can your guests easily arrive? Is there an airport conveniently located?  What about your guests that prefer to drive?  Make sure you provide options – airport, train stations, mega bus locations and parking for those who choose to drive.

Once your guests arrive, consider offering discount codes for Uber, Lyft and Moovn rideshare companies.  Your planner can coordinate this option.  Travel is very important for your guests, make sure you make this a priority.

5.  Accommodations – The hotel you select can make or break you.  Consider selecting at least 3 hotels with varying price points to offer options for your guests.  Some guests prefer full-service hotels whereas other guests are happy with smaller hotels that offer complimentary hot breakfast and self-parking.  Make sure the 3 hotels you select are close in proximity for your scheduled meetings.  Consider private shuttle service for your guests. 

Event production is a long process that requires considerable forethought and planning. I suggest that you hire a professional event management production company that can manage every single detail for you – you just show up and we will handle the rest.