What could be more fun than having an event in a location like Jamaica, Miami Beach or even someplace exotic like Fiji?

Hosting an event in a beautiful location far from home requires careful planning. The difference between an event that people talk about for months and one that everyone would rather forget is in all the details. In this article, I will highlight just a few of the items you should pay attention to for your destination event. 


  1. Select a location that can fulfill your meeting goals and provide the activities you are seeking.
  2. Connect with the local CVB, they have all the resources and relationships you will need.
  3. Choose a hotel that provides a full-service restaurant, business center, gym, spa services, and concierge.
  4. Choose a venue that is conveniently located with activities and restaurants within walking distance.
  5. Manage private transportation for your guests.
  6. Always have a dedicated concierge and help desk for your attendees.
  7. Provide a “Go-To” document with all the pertinent information a traveler from a different country would need to know.
  8. Hire a full-service event management and production company to make sure your meeting is flawless.

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